We’ve all experienced trauma.

Perhaps an accident or abuse.
Childhood memories that haunt you.
PTSD or a learning disability.
Symptoms that medicine isn’t treating.

Perhaps you’ve recently lost a loved one or are supporting a loved one through illness.
Paralyzed by grief or the emotional and physical stress of caretaking.

Perhaps you’re simply burnt out.
Exhausted and yearning to feel like yourself again.
You’re not even sure who that is.

You may not even feel worthy of being alive right now with no home where you feel loved for exactly who you are.

Whatever your situation, I know this about you:

You’re tired of hiding, sick of repeating the same patterns, and ready to feel like you belong.

The past is gone.
Done. Over.

No matter how badly memories, stories, and beliefs are affecting you, they can’t hurt you anymore.

Together, we can free you from the past by breaking patterns, building new beliefs, and most importantly – guiding you back into your body.

Dissociation from the body is often the only way to survive. It’s a vital part of the highly intelligent architecture of the human psyche, but once dissociation has served its purpose in protecting you, it’s time to come to back into your body and re-associate, releasing stored energy and emotion.

The antidote to dissociation? Embodiment.

Your greatest ally is your curiosity. Together, we’ll get curious about your inner life, the sensations in your body, and work with embodiment practices slowly, first finding and gathering your own specific resources, then gently following your body’s path to any areas of dissociation and helping them to re-associate so you can live freely and joyfully.

You’ll learn how to:

  • calm and focus yourself when agitated, nervous or disoriented
  • build healthy boundaries and improve your social skills
  • discern between the voices of old beliefs and the voice of your intuition
  • create rituals to establish your new belief systems as habits
  • shift from surviving to thriving with an open, happy heart

You want more out of life than mere survival.

More joy. More worthiness. More empowerment. More truth. More health. More passion.


You want to feel whole, cherished and loved for exactly who you are.

You want to honor and allow your emotions to flow, but are scared of what will happen if you feel it ALL.

You need a safe space without judgment and guidance to heal in the way that works for you, not your mom, your sister, or your friend.

You want to feel healthy and open to others so you can live your life with joy.

You want to live your life on purpose, not by accident, and make conscious choices with meaning.

You want to trust yourself again.

You want to love yourself.

But you’re not sure how to unlock the answers you know are living inside of you.

Asking for help is a sign of strength. It doesn’t mean you’re sick, broken, or weak.

It means you’re investing in yourself and your healing, and it’s the single most powerful thing you can do to create positive change in every area of your life.

This is practical work to help you deal with everyday life. You don’t have to believe in anything, and it’s not “woo-woo.”

Your sessions will offer tools and practices to release your past and empower you to direct your own life, aligned with your joy. Click here to learn about the range of modalities I’ll draw upon in our sessions, in addition to personalized exercises and rituals I’ll create based on your specific needs.

How I'm Different

* Your plan is completely personalized. Rather than offering a “one size fits all” treatment, I’ll apply the modalities that are most applicable to your unique situation.

* My approach is gentle. Healing shouldn’t create additional trauma or stress. While there may be challenging moments, overall the process will feel as good as the end result.

* Coaching methods that don’t include embodiment work often take longer and in some cases can make your issues worse as they intensify your mental chatter without releasing stuck energy in the body.

* I’m taking you where I’ve already gone myself. I can support your healing, because I’ve gone on a healing path myself. I’ve healed from substantial childhood trauma, sexual abuse, many different medical surgeries, divorce, and nursing a loved one through cancer. I’ve reinvented my life again and again, like the phoenix, so you won’t be working with someone who can’t relate to the things you’re dealing with. Not only can I relate, but I’ll share the exact tools that worked for me as well as creating new tools based on your personality and my experience.

How It Works

All sessions are held in my beautiful sanctuary in Küsnacht near Zürich. I can do long-distance sessions via Skype if necessary, but in-person work is always preferable when possible.

You can purchase single sessions or save money by booking packages of 3, 6, or 12 sessions, depending on your needs. Most clients start with a single session, then we decide together what package will be most supportive to your situation.

A session will normally run 1 hour for 160 CHF, but I am always happy to adjust the length of a session according to your needs and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

We’ll start out with an Introductory Session to get clarity on your goals for our work together, make a plan, and take the first steps in your healing process.


Book a Session

Please complete the form below to schedule your Introductory Session, and I’ll give you a phone call within 2 business days to find a time to meet and answer any questions you may have beforehand.

Cancellation Policy

Payment for your session is due at the end of each session.

If sessions need to be changed or rescheduled, please give me 24 hours’ notice, and I am happy to do so. There is a 25 CHF fee if you change or reschedule within 24 hours, and if I need to change or reschedule within 24 hours, I will give you 25 CHF off your next session.

All session fees are non-refundable, and if you miss your session with no notice, your payment is due in full.


Somatic Experiencing (SE)® and coaching are not medical therapy or psychological counseling. If these services are needed, please seek help from a licensed professional. Your sessions are confidential, and it is my hope to create a safe place for you to explore, grow, and transform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim money back from my health insurance? Probably not – but double-check with your provider before your session. Coverage varies by carrier.

Do I have to wear specific clothes? No – come as you are!.

Is there a lift or access for disability? No, and please note there are two flights of stairs to my sanctuary.

Is there public transport nearby? Yes, the train station is 2 minutes away by foot.

Are there parking spaces available for my car? Public parking is available in the area.