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January 15, 2019


January 15, 2019


January 15, 2019


January 15, 2019


January 15, 2019


January 15, 2019

When do you feel most joyful?

Moved to tears by a sunset

Inhaling the scent of fresh cut grass

Diving into a lake

Laughing with a child

Dancing wildly with your friends

Slipping into clean sheets after a hot bath

What is that specific feeling in your body?


What is the physical sensation of joy?

A prickle up your spine

A softening in your chest

A fizz in your hips

A lightness in your shoulders

A warm glow in your belly

A bounce in your step

An expansion from your heart through your fingertips

Whatever joy feels like to you, I can help you feel more of it every day.
Tell Me How


I offer 100% personalized therapeutic coaching.

Our work together will draw on a range of embodiment practices to help you release the past and bring joy back into your life.

The goal of our sessions is alignment with your joy. This means releasing anything that blocks full and free access to your emotions and enjoying a full-body experience of your wholeness.

A whole person lacks nothing, and when you lack nothing, your mind relaxes, your heart opens, and you meet the world with a curiosity that leads you on a path that’s uniquely yours.

Which of these best describes you?

I’m recovering from trauma or stress.

Trauma and stress store beliefs in the body that are impossible to shift with the mind alone. If you’re struggling, your body can feel like an enemy when it’s actually your closest ally.

I’m stuck in life and want to move forward.

Together, we can free you from your rut and the prison of past stories by breaking patterns, building new beliefs, and most importantly – guiding you back into your body.

My loved one is ill or recently passed.

Whether you’ve spent a long time tending a loved one through illness or their passing was sudden, you can adopt a gentle healing to honor them while moving forward.


What I Offer

I’m a licensed Somatic Experiencing® therapist, Soul Coach, and Qoya teacher whose work focuses on everyday tools to release the past and bring joy back into your life through embodiment. I help people healing from trauma and loss break old patterns and adopt new beliefs. I also help people who are stuck move forward and people recovering from the illness or loss of a loved one heal, so that living with an open heart is not just a dream but becomes your reality.

I first went to Barbara because I was desperately looking for a way out. I wanted out of the feelings of dislike, shame, guilt, and judgement. A way out of myself. What Barbara has showed me, through her incredible and constant guidance and support, is that the only way out is IN. For me, this was a huge revelation and one that has brought me stability and peace. This has, of course, not come without its struggles, disappointments, and frustrations, and it's still a work in progress. However, the rewards have gone far beyond what I ever could have imagined. I have seen shifts not only in the relationship with myself and my husband, but my extended family who live over 6,000 miles away and my husband's family, with whom we had no contact for over two years.

Rachel, Past Client


Ready To See What's Next?

I’d love to hear from you if you have questions, wish to book an appointment, or simply feel called to connect.

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The Joy of Life

By Barbara Dorothea Felber

A new day

and a flower bud is waking up

to be the most glorious bloom

filling the air with the sweetest scent.

I hear music from within

and my heart is singing,

singing a song of love and joy!